Save the Environment with Free Web Hosting

Carbon Footprint

Any unity on the planet produces certain amount of CO2 emissions by burning fossil fuels by its day-to-day activities. The emissions calculated are called Carbon Footprint.

How hosting multiply CO2 emissions

Running your web site on servers powered by electricity produced of burning fossil fuels raises the CO2 emissions. Did you know that an average server produces the same emissions as car running on conventional 2.0 LPG combustion engine.

Our contribution to save the environment

Free Web Hosting is proud that our clustered servers' system is an eco-conscious consumer and use 100% energy from wind power. Our data center power supplier Stadtwerke Kiel AG is certified as CO2-neutral provisioner of electricity.

All our servers are using 100% green energy. Now your online presence assist the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Purchasing green hosting with us in comparison to other hosting companies using electricity produced by non-restorative energy sources is equal to the saving of an entire forest.